What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 20

Buying a dog, especially for the very first time, can be fun but also problematic. For any family there are many considerations but, for the family of the President of the USA, there is so much more. Barack Obhama has already said that, much as he would like to give a rescue dog a home this option will not probably be viable. I tend to agree with this as rescue dogs can need a lot of attention. Many are lovely dogs but initially require plenty of training, sensitivity, stability, routine and the personal touch. For such a busy family this would be hard to fulfill.

So if not a rescue dog what type would be best?.

Firstly they will need to research all possibilites well and perhaps narrow the search down to a particular breed. If there are health issues, such as allergies, this can be difficult. However, recently a relative in this position managed to find a perfect dog. It is a Lakeland Terrier and its fur is seemingly allergy free, for anyone who normally has breathing problems around dogs. Poodles also often fit the bill for owners with allergies. On the whole look for dogs with woolly fur rather than the hairy sort.

Of course size matters when buying a dog. You need to know that this cute and petite puppy will not grow into a dog the size of a small pony and take over, unless that is what you want. Although the White House is what may be termed a large house I guess a huge dog would be impractical. For this presidential family so could a puppy, but it is great to have a dog from the very beginning, especially your first dog.

Money will not be an object so whether a dog is expensive or not will be immaterial. However some breeds of dog have more health issues than others and this is worth considering. The White House is a busy establishment and everything needs to work like clockwork, even the dog!.

The Obhama family will need to decide if their new dog will travel with them or be more of an homebird. If he is to travel he will need rigorous health checks and additional vaccinations. Either way I suppose that an animal professional will need to be employed in order to make sure that the dog is properly trained, non-agressive and up to scratch.

Having said all this though I think it will be great for the Obhama’s to get a dog. There is nothing better for turning a house into a home and the White House will definitely a few additions to make it a suitable home for a young family.

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