What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 2

Space for the new pet dog, is certainly no real consideration for the Obama family. Almost any size dog will have plenty of space to run and play. More important they must choose a dog that will fit their family. Since there are allergies in the family, they will want to start the search with dogs that are known to be hypo-allergenic. No dog on earth is non-allergenic, so even after finding a possible new dog it would be advisable to spend some time with that breed to assure that the allergic member is not going to have a bad reaction! The Obama family dog must be loyal, of course. He will need to be energetic and playful, to keep the girls’ attention! At the same time the Obamas will want to assure that the children are safe with this dog, so it should be a gentle breed. The pet should not be of a breed prone to straying too far from it’s owners either. After all, they will have enough on their plates, without an over-hyper animal to look after and chase around in frustration. It should be a protective dog, as all little girls deserve protection! The new pet will probably be pampered and spoiled so they should look for a breed that enjoys and relishes such fancy attentions! Finally,as the soon to be, first family they should set a good example and rescue or adopt dog that needs a home. Labs are super friendly,good with children and people of all ages and normally well behaved, as are poodles. Poodles are also hyper allergenic. So why not try out a labradoodle and get the best of both!

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