What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 17

The Obama clan should remember to use the three ‘C’s when searching for their new dog or should I say ‘C’anine. These three ‘C’ traits are 1) Cute, 2) Charisma, and 3) Character.

The first ‘C’ trait their new family member must exemplify is ‘C’ute. The new first family already has the stage set for beautiful, soon to be historic, family pictures with their two very pretty daughters, and their family’s all around good looks. ‘C’ute, is very important because we must remember the paparozzi will be ‘dogging’ their every step (sorry for the pun). The Obama’s must find a faithful pet who will fit well with the inevitable photo ops that come with the job of first family. “Life magazine” get ready to roll out a commemorative issue.

The second ‘C’ trait on our quest for a new dog is ‘C’harismatic. It would not do to have a pet with a nondescript or dull personality. We would not want the little Obama girls or the public to be disappointed with a furry friend without the ‘it’ factor known as charisma.

The third, last but not least, ‘C’ trait that must be carefully considered is ‘C’haracter. America’s first dog must be able to put on a noble display for our allies and pet-lovers across the world. We must not have a mean-spirited or endlessly barking dog set forth as America’s ideal.

Good luck, Obamas! May you find a cute and noble dog who lives up to the 3 ‘C’s with dignity and grace.

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