What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 16

Choosing the Right Pet

The Obama Family needs a dog that is a perfect fit with every family member! There are concerns of allergies, so it is important they remember that anything with long hair is probably not going to work. Dogs have a protein in their dander and saliva that make allergies that much worse for any one who suffers. For this reason, the Obama family should think about something like a Terrier, which sheds very little, and produces, on average, less dander. Unfortunately for small breed dogs, word has gotten around that they can be not-so-friendly. Perhaps the Obama’s are looking into a large breed dog. If that is the case, they should look into a dog with a single coat of short hair. This might not limit the amount of dander produced, but it will certainly help with the amount the animal sheds. After all, it’s hard to keep warm when your only coat of fur is falling out! Based on temperament and reputation, many pet owners would choose a large breed dog over a small one, but not every dog is the same. Each dog owner will have their own choice, and the Obama’s most likely have something in mind. As long as they do their research, they will come out with a dog that is perfect for each and every one of them.

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