What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 14

What Kind of Dog Should the First Family Acquire?

When Barrack Obama and his family take residence in the White House, the type of dog they need to purchase for their first dog is the Peruvian Hairless dog. Why, you might ask, should they choose this type of dog for a first pet? One, it is hairless, well almost and that should help with the allergies that exist in the family.

The Peruvian Hairless dogs do not do well in either very hot or very cold temperatures so the Obama family may have to invest in a coat for their dog. This dog is said to do best in families that understand dog language and is not recommended for beginners.

However, most dogs have their own language, not just the Peruvian dogs, unless of course it is some type of Peruvian dog language that people in America may not understand. But if it is just the typical I’m hungry, I need to go out, I see a stranger’ language, this is pretty basic and I do not think it would take long for the first family to catch on to what their dog wants.

As far as not being a good dog for beginners, I would beg to differ. Any dog could qualify in this aspect. What other way are you going to learn about dogs than to just jump right in and get one? No matter the type they are still going to chew your slippers when you think they are asleep. They will get in your bed and hide underneath the covers. They will steal your food when you are not looking. And no matter what bloodline your dog is, he will still drink out of the toilet if he catches the lid lifted.

According to Peruvian folklore, this dog is supposed to have a higher than normal body temperature. Allowing the dog to hug’ you is said to comfort stomach pain and other problems. This may be just what Barrack Obama needs as he is going to have a lot of stress over the next four years. The state of the economy and the country is not the best. He may need that dog to hug’ him on occasion as he deals with the problems he will face.

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