What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 13

Adopting a family pet is large responsibility. Also a large responsibility is being Commander in Chief of the United States of America. As we as a nation welcome President Obama and his family to the White House in Washington D.C., we will also welcome the first Obama family dog. The new first pooch will have some big paws to fill as the bar is pretty high based on his or her pedigreed canine predecesors.

In preparation to adding a furry companion, the family should determine what doggy characteristics will best suit their family environment. Points of interest when considering home environment for a dog are age of the youngest family member to ensure safety for both the dog and the child, known allergies of household or frequent visitors, amount of time that can be devoted to grooming, level of exercise that the dog will need to be most satisfied and centered.

For a family with a known allergic member, great care must be chosen in selecting an appropriate breed. Several breeds, such as the Poodle (all sizes and Poodle mixes), the Bichon Frise (and mixes), and the Chinese Crested(hairless variety) are known to be less allergenic than, say, a Golden Retriever. While a Golden is an excellent family pet, it may not be the ideal choice for the Obama family. The happy medium between that lovable family retriever and the Poodle is the Golden Doodle or the Labradoodle. Both, being Poodle mixes, are less allergenic than are some larger breeds.

The election of President Obama represents a much needed change in our country. He has given the people of the United States a renewed sense of hope and determination. He has given us permission to say out loud that we need to change or ways and our thoughts and our action. In keeping with our bright hope for our nation’s future, the Obama family should consider giving a “throw-away shelter dog a second chance at having the life he or she deserves.

There are millions of wonderful canine companions across our nation that are waiting to go home with a loving family. If every person that wanted to bring a furry friend into their lives went to a shelter to give the underdog a second chance, we could make a significant difference in our homeless pet population. Yes We Can. Dogs deserve a brighter future too.

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