What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 11

President-elect Obama will be busy in the next few weeks getting his Government together and fulfilling his pre-election promises. His two little daughters will especially be anticipating his fulfillment of one particular promise; they were promised a puppy after the election. The Obama family, like any family looking for a first pet, should look for many qualities in a dog.

They should consider the ages of family members, a family with young children would require different qualities in a dog to a family with teenaged children or a retired couple. As there are young children in this family, they will need a breed that is good with children. It will also need to be good with journalists; everyone has seen the clip of President Bush’s dog snapping at an over-friendly journalist.

The family should consider their lifestyle; life in The White House is hectic so a well-adjusted and calm dog is essential.

Consider also any special circumstances, one of the little girls has allergies, several breeds have hypoallergenic coats. Of these, the following are possibly the best for the Obama family’s particular circumstances:

The Bichon Frise is a little, robust and sociable dog with a white curly double coat. They are very easy to train. The history of the breed, as lap dog to the French nobility in the Royal Court of France, could make them particularly well suited to the grandeur of life in the White House and their French manners would rise to any occasion from greeting foreign dignitaries to flying in Air Force 1.

The Standard Poodle is an intelligent, versatile and agile dog, which is remarkably good at obedience training. Their coats do require regular and thorough grooming but the Obama girls (under supervision) might enjoy that aspect of pet care. Poodles have long been a very popular family pet.

The Schnauzer actually three breeds in one, from miniature to giant in size, the miniature being the most popular. The Standard Schnauzer might be the best one for the Obama family. A very intelligent, active and alert dog, a faithful and an excellent playmate for children, this sturdy breed also makes a very good guard dog which maybe an added bonus in the White House.

Whatever dog the Obama family eventually decides upon, it will become a member of the family. It will teach the Obama girls about caring and responsibility and provide unconditional love.

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