What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog?

As our new President, Barack Obama, takes on the role of leading our fine country, he will also be taking on the role of new pet ownership thanks to the charming smiles of two little girls. When Sasha and Malia put their request to their daddy right there through George Stephanopoulas, what could he say? Combine that with the history of “First Dogs” that have taken their home in the White House and you have to have an affirmative answer. And they did. So, what should the President and his family be looking for in a new pet dog?

After Barney’s (the Bushs’ pooch) last office act of biting a reporter, we know that the dog should be even-tempered. First Dogs are in the spotlight regularly and must be able to stand up under pressure without getting too irritable. The Obamas stand to be even more followed than some First Families by the media due to several factors. Aside from the media attention, this lucky canine will be getting attention from the general public, full of the most amazing variety of people, and the Obama girls. A dog that is child-friendly and people-friendly in general will fit the bill.

Because Malia (the eldest Obama daughter) suffers allergies to pet dander, a breed that does not shed alot, or at all, is going to be necessary. There are several breeds that would be good in this respect, but it does narrow down the choices a bit. Don’t worry, at the end of this, I will let you know the ideal breed for this special position!

An intelligent dog with a bit of sass should be at the top of the list. The canine companion of the Obama family will need to learn basic obediance and exceptional manners. He or she would do well to know a couple of cute tricks as well. An attractive dog is in the works, I would guess, with the fashion sense of the little Obama darlings.

Because the Presidential family will be doing an extensive amount of travel, it would be perfect if their pet was one who didn’t mind being toted around the globe with them. This will give the girls a playmate and fun wherever they are. There will be plenty of time for them to fall in love with their new pet and the new pet with them. Pet ownership can teach a wonderful sense of responsibility in young people and if the Obamas are smart, they will take full advantage of this opportunity.

The Obamas seem to be an active, athletic family and their ideal pet will need to be able to keep up with them. No lazy dogs will do for this First Family, they need a dog that will play and engage with them. Overall, the dog we are describing is none other than the beautiful shih tzu. A non-shedding, sassy but smart dog with style and grace, the shih tzu is accustomed to sitting with leaders, having been bred for Asian royalty. This little dog with the big heart would truly be a great match for the Obamas.

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