What is your dog thinking about? – Part 3

I am absolutely flabbergasted to see this title: “What is your dog thinking about?” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

This is the time when an average American should be worried about “What’s the whole world thinking about USA?” but the more overpowering concern here seems to be what dogs think! The whole world is watching with utter shock and disbelief and thinking, with some amount of ridicule, about where the Americans are heading to after digging their own graves so meticulously, scientifically and ingeniously in the form of sub-prime lending business!

Since the US economy is so intrinsically woven with the international economy, Americans’ mass scale failing in repaying their mortgage loans has rattled the banking system and share markets across the globe. For virtually no fault of theirs, the economic back bones of many European countries and countries like India have been hurt and shaken by the solitary fault of the US mortgage system. People across the world wonder how such a mass scale system failure can ever happen in a country that claims to be the super power of the entire world, a country whose foundation stone is capitalism and private enterprise, a country where shrewdness and smartness are the watchwords for success!

People across the globe now no longer think that American model of economy, American way of living on borrowed money and American lifestyle are no more the ideals to look at in awe, to mimic or to emulate. Instead of worrying about such thinking, if the worry is more about what your dog thinks, okay, let me guess what the typical American pet dog thinks now:

“Where is the house in which I lived with my masters so far?”

“Why am I now forced to live inside our Car most of the times? Why is the car parked in a public parking space at nights and why everyone in the family sleeps inside the car?”

“Why are my masters cutting down my ration? Why do they ignore my sickness nowadays?”

“Is there any way to suppress my hunger without food?”

“Why do my masters remain in such an irritable mood these days? Yesterday my master kicked me hard on my belly, shouting “Go to hell”. It is the first time I have ever received such a shabby treatment and I don’t even know what I did wrong to deserve such a harsh punishment “

“Will my masters leave me behind in a country side to fend for myself and drive away?”

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