What is your dog thinking about?

Have a pet dog? WOW! It’s such a wonderful experience to understand what your pet is thinking.. the gestures that can be used to understand your pet thinking depends on how you brought up. However, there are certain general things that can be used in common by every pet dog owner. I share the experiences that I use to understand what my sunny (my pet dog) thinks about, hope these will be useful. We live in apartments and for my Sunny’s natural call we take outside. Dogs in general any animal, digs the mud or scratches the floor whenever it has a nature call. So, my Sunny indicates it’s nature call by digging on the cot/mat and when we ask whether he has to go out, he stops & looks at us to say Yes and jumps & runs towards the door. However, one day it could not stop and hence completed his nature call inside the house, and it came & it came to me, looked at me with some guilty feeling and did ask me to follow him by calling me with his leg. I followed him wondering what might have happened, then saw it… and then looked around for my sunny, but could not find him, when checked he hidden himself under dining table showing that it is guilty. I felt so sorry for him, and told him that’s OK, it’s not a problem, then he came out & had some water and started playing with the ball happily.

One day he was sitting in-front of the refrigerator, I wondered why, and asked if he wants cool water, he nodded his head. Then, I took water bottle and then immediately he got up and lead me to his water bowl. And see dogs are also very neat, one day there was something felt into his water and he stood there without drinking water but was just looking at me. When I asked if the water is not good he moved back to indicate that Yes and then I checked I realized that water indeed not good. After changing the water, he drank.

One day when playing ball with my sunny, I got hurt my hand with his teeth. Though, it was not intentional, he felt so sorry & came and licked my hand showing that he feels sorry.

Once he came & sat in-front of the kitchen, I wondered he finished his breakfast & why he is sitting here, I asked somethings as whether he wants those, but there was no response, but when I said do you need curd, he nodded his head & stood up wagging the tail.

See, though dogs cannot talk like human-beings, they do convey their thinking and feelings according to the context very intelligently with their actions. However, we the human-beings need to try to understand these by watching the actions carefully.

These are the few things among many that I can share about what I observed and learnt to understand my sunny. The advise I can give is to talk more with your pet dog, the more you speak the better it understands and will be able to express itself to you as what it is thinking. It will help you to understand what your pet dog is thinking about.

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