What Does Your Cat’s Sounds Mean – Pet Care

What Does Your Cat’s Sounds Mean – Pet Care – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hello, my name is Dr. Carolyn Quagliata, I am the owner and founder of City Pet Doctor, New York City’s premier house call vet service. How do I know what my cat’s sounds mean? Well there are 4 main sounds that a cat makes, the first one is a meow, the second is a purr, the third is a growl and the fourth is a hiss. A cat can purr for a lot of different reasons, but generally it means the cat is happy and content. Hissing on the other hand is generally done by a cat who feels threatened or is about to attack. A growl, similar to a hiss also usually precedes some sort of aggressive action. Meow can mean a lot of different things, including that your cat is hungry, that your cat is thirsty, your cat wants you to wake up or if your cat wants to play.

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