Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 9

The internet is loaded with websites related to pets. How is a pet owner to know which sites are worth looking at and which ones to avoid? Here is a simple list of 14 websites that pet owners can count on to be reliable, fact based, and current. The websites are not ranked in any specific order, but are roughly grouped into two categories: informational and products.

1. This site, powered by Petsmart, has multiple uses in addition to a link to the Petsmart website. The pet owner can access online videos to help with the care of their pet. The link for advice from experts allows the pet owner to either ask a question or view previously asked questions. Another feature is a breed directory with useful information on the different breeds of dogs. There is also help on how to find the right pet. Possibly the best aspect of this site is the connection to other pet owners/lovers with blogs and pictures of animal “loved ones”.

2. The website of the American Animal Hospital Association helps the pet owner locate accredited animal hospitals for the health and safety of their pets. The pet owner can sign up for an e-newsletter featuring medical and health related articles. The site contains pet vaccine guidelines as well as a pet care library with hundreds of articles on a variety of animal related topics.

3. This Humane Society of the United States website contains general guidelines and information on pet care. It stresses the importance of spaying and neutering pets and the services that a local shelter can provide. The site gives tips on how to find pet friendly housing and how to cope with the death of a pet. How to find the right pet and what to do once the pet owner brings it home are interesting features of the site. There is also information on issues affecting pets and pet related news and events.

4. This website contains a variety of pet care information on a wide range of pets, from dogs to birds or mice. There are articles on pet care and health related issues. The pet owner can get the latest tips and tricks from the Pets Blog. An interesting feature of this site is the general history of each animal breed (dog, cat, horse, etc.) and the character of each breed. There is also a newsletter that the pet owner can sign up to receive via email.

5. This website offers quality information about pet care that will help to

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