Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 8

Pet parents, you’re in luck! In the world of the Internet, pets reign supreme. The wealth of information available on the Net makes pet care both easy and affordable. And fun! Pet lovers know that treating our beloved animals as part of the family is normal. So many wonderful web sites feel the same way. With a primary goal of educating and helping pet parents care of their animals in the best possible way, these web sites feature information ranging from medical care to the latest fashion statements for your pet.

Many web sites overlap in providing pet owners with vet advice, pet care products, and adoption services, but some sites stand out in the crowd in their excellence and comprehensive design. Take a trip through the web sites listed below to get a real taste of the variety of pet web sites geared towards animal care, pet products, and the special love pet parents have for their furry, feathered, and finned family members.

Pet Health, a web site created by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) provides pet parents with a comprehensive pet care library with hundreds of topics. Locating an AAHA accredited vet is easy with their “Find A Hospital” locator tool. Pet health insurance information is also available on the site. is a valuable resource for any pet owner. One resource on this site includes an animal health article generator to help educate pet owners about specific illnesses or behaviors. The site offers a vet locator as well as videos for pet care and training. Consulting with other pet owners is easy; just visit their forums and ask a question. is a forum community specifically for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. This site has thousands of posts and members to help you set up and maintain a happy and safe tank for your finned friends. Also included are vendor forums and an exchange forum for buying and selling aquarium supplies.

Pet Training

Forum advice communities provide a give and take environment that’s perfect for getting pet care advice. Visit for advice on pet training from other pet owners. Pooling the knowledge of hundreds of posters who are also pet lovers, this site provides the perfect environment for exchange of ideas. The site also features a pet store, a pet care library and the latest news for pet owners. offers a comprehensive site to help you care for your feline friends. Cat behavior and training techniques,

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