Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 7

The Internet is a virtual treasure trove of information for pet owners; where does a pet owner start when there’s so much to read! Recommendations and reviews are excellent solutions for sorting through the maze and getting trusted information quickly. Pet owners visit websites for different reasons; some people are seeking factual information and some are interested in forming bonds with other pet owners in cyberspace. Websites possess unique personalities and for some purposes this may be the sole determining factor in selecting a site; in other cases, the source of the information will be the more important feature. When searching for a website, it’s important to keep in mind that ratings that include brief summaries are efficient tools and are can save valuable time. With that said, let’s take an informational tour of some noteworthy websites for “all creatures great and small.”

Pet Health

This is a user-friendly site with over 10,000 veterinarian-approved articles. The home page is well designed and is easy to navigate. There are e-courses for pet owners and an “ask the vet” feature for owners to submit personalized questions regarding their pets; it is reassuring to receive professional advice when it comes to beloved pets. This site encompasses several areas that will be of interest and is loaded with useful information.

Pet Training ning.html

Visitors will find this site to be very helpful for training pets dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. The site is easy to navigate with major articles available directly on the home page. A bonus feature is the collection of ready to view videos on dog and cat training; there are also articles for rabbit and bird behavior modification. On the lighter side, there is a Fun Section with e-cards, games, and even a pet Joke of the Month.

Traveling with Pets

Pet owners can share information about traveling with pets through the Info Xchange board. There is also a database of pet friendly hotels searchable by city and state; the listings include detailed pet policies for each hotel. For travelers who are technically savvy, the site provides a very unique service that lets you download pet friendly hotels to your GPS! imals/animatedjourneys/livingw ithpets/traveling.aspsp

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