Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 6

If you want a new pet, (what is a Kiss Me I’m Irish Eclectus, anyway?) or if you have questions about the pet you have, (can I teach my pet rat to play with me?), the Internet is a great place to look for information about breeds, pet care and sites to talk to other pet lovers online. For casual users of the web it is difficult and time consuming to navigate through dozens if not hundreds of sites to find the one you need. This collection of sites include those with information, advice and special features, as well as sites where pet owners are welcome to share and brag about their pets and meet other passionate pet owners. Many go beyond dogs and cats and have information on small animals, reptiles, fish, birds and even insects for the adventurous pet owner.

Health and Safety topics/pets.htm

One of the few sites not directly selling products or insurance, KnowledgeHound has links to articles on the health and safety of pets; dogs, cats, fish, horses, llamas, exotics, etc. Tips and tutorials are available on adoption, daily care, pet safety and how to deal with the loss of a pet. Instructions are on the site to build a pet wheelchair and assemble a first aid kit, tips for disaster preparedness and how to protect animals from bad weather conditions. This site features a translation function with over 25 languages on the site.

This site has over 220 pages of dog and cat healthcare information presented by veterinarians. Visitors can type in general health care questions online and receive an answer from a veterinarian or other expert. Clinical procedures are explained and those who are interested can follow real surgeries with full clinical details and photos. Also has an online pharmacy, pet food and supply store. Featured on KillerStartups, which touts as a virtual animal hospital. me/lp1/smartlist_2

Established in 1981, LoveYourPets,com encourages owners to use sturdy identification tags to keep their pets safe and also has a large library of pet health and safety articles from arthritis to travel safety tips and articles to keep a pet’s person safe from illnesses that can be transmitted pet to human. Reviews praise the mission and the high quality of the tags that are also available to identify all human possessions, too.


Rave reviews about this site, with a large variety of dog training articles to aid dog lovers.

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