Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 4

There are so many pet websites online now that when you need to find an answer quickly, perhaps because your cat keeps being sick or because you need to find an emergency vet that’s open on a Sunday night, you need to know which website to go to straight away rather than spending precious time searching through a pet site that may or may not have the answer that you need. Let’s face it some pet websites are just plain rubbish while others are like gold, full of useful information and resources!

In this article I outline the best websites to visit whether you have a cat, dog, small animal or even a reptile or bird. Whether you need answers from a vet or just want some general information on how to care for your pet, to make sure you’re doing everything you can for your fluffy or feathered friend.

At the bottom you will find a “Just for Fun” section with pet sites to browse in your spare time. You can make friends with pet lovers around the world, share photos of your pet and laugh out loud with funny and cute pet photos that others have submitted. Plus where to go for some retail therapy, whether your pet needs food and medication or fun stuff such as treats, toys or new clothes!

Pet Health and Informational Websites

For all Pet Owners –

Care sheets and information on all types of animals from fish to reptiles and small animals such as rabbits. For the cat owner you should be aware animal world focuses on specific breeds of cats rather than your average moggy.

For Reptile Owners –

Informational articles on pet reptiles such as how to care for your pet plus interesting facts and information on different species both pet reptiles and reptiles in the wild. The only creepy-crawly this website misses out is the spider but if you have a lizard, snake or even tortoise you’ll find lots of useful information here. As well as the articles such as Big Snakes 101 and Best Lizards to Keep as Pets the website also lists reptile breeders and where to get reptile supplies. If you are an expert on a certain type of reptile you can write a guest article and share your expertise with others.

You may also be interested in these reptile forums for even more help and information:


For Cat and Dog Owners –

This website has over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information including articles on nutrition, vaccinations, breeding,

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