Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 32

14 Websites every pet owner should know about

Pets are members of our family and as such need all the same things we need. We travel with our pets, enter our pets in shows, talk about our pets, and most of all, we love our pets.

Pets can get diseases, have accidents, get fleas or ticks, have or develop behavior problems; and most need training when they are young.

Pets need veterinary care which can be very expensive. Pets can get old and need extra care. Pets can be handicapped. There are blind and deaf pets. Pets die and need burials just like we do. How do we care for these pets?

Here are 14 excellent websites to help you in every aspect of your relationship with your pet:


The Amazing Pet Directory is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your pet. You can shop by state; look for nationwide advertisers and online stores; purchase pet books, CDs, and DVDs; and find pet links.

Their site on advertisers and online stores offers everything from aquariums and supplies to pet food, health, and nutrition. You can find pet friendly hotels and vacations, breeders for cats and dogs, pet insurance, pet services and supplies, pet training, information on horses, pet portraits and photography, livestock, funeral services and cremations, pet services and supplies. Other services include grooming and boarding, pet shops/gifts/apparel, horses, pet training, pet behaviorists, pet fun activities and attractions, and pet art.

2) -Insurance-Plans-ASCPA.aspx

The ASPCA offers an excellent health insurance. They offer 5 plans: Safety Plan (Basic accident insurance); Primary Plan (Accident and illness); Advantage Plan (Accident, illness, and Wellness care); Premier Plan (Accident, illness and deluxe wellness); and the Sterling Plan (Help for long term care).

The Premier Plan is $51/month for cats and $59/month for dogs. The Safety Plan is $7.50/month for cats and $9.50/month for dogs. They describe full benefits, how to file, compare plans, and offer a free quote.


This is the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and offers many programs for caring for your precious pet. It is a worldwide organization and provides animal rescue in many different parts of the world – Canada, United States, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southern Africa,

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