Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 31

Becoming a pet owner is a large responsibility for any person, young or old: the Internet provides a great deal of information on pet care, training, traveling, food, adopting an animal, there are even chat rooms for pet owners. The very first thing that should be done is decide what type of breed of dog or cat will suit your lifestyle. Lifestyle should be the operative word if you live in an apartment a small animal such as a Pug is more suited to that type of lifestyle than a Great Dane.

The first website that should be looked at is Iams which is noted for its dog and cat food. This particular site has all types of pet products, video support, an adoption center. Pro Active Dog Health explains how to switch dog foods from the dog food you are feeding your dog to Iams without the animal becoming ill: there is a five dollar coupon off the price available for any dog or cat product.

Once the decision is made about whether to adopt a pet or purchase one, part of Iams site that explains the different types of breeds. There is a Breed Guide on the Iams website that discribes different breeds of both dogs and cats, this makes it easier to make a choice of breed. Happy Tails is an adoption site there are so many dogs on this site that are in need of adoption: adopting an older dog is sometimes a great choice since there is usually no puppy training needed, the dog already has learned to go outside. The Iams website also has Pet Related articles which deals with special needs including nutrition, vitamins and obesity. The website address is:

Once the decision is made and a puppy is purchased the website covers all areas of trainng from the potty to basic commands such as sit and stay and behavior modification for the adult that has chewing issues. The training is also suitable for cats which includes biting and spraying.

Training can often be an issue of great importance to any pet owner: suggests several books to read. The top rated book is: SIT STAY FETCH this is for the do it yourself trainer. There is also EASY DIY DOG TRAINING: if you have the time and patience these books are very helpful.

Traveling with an animal can either be very enjoyable or it can be a very horrible experience depending on you and the is sponsored by the American veterinarians. This site is extremely helpful for anyone traveling with a pet. The site explains how to travel with any

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