Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 29

If you are a pet owner you have all the information that you can need at your fingertips on the Internet. Before I introduce you to some great places to look as you search for advice, products, services, and entertaining ideas that will enhance your friendship with your pet, I want to share a warning or two.

First, when you find a great website that has information or products, save those websites for future use. No need searching again, that is a lot of work. Second, always take the information and consult with your vet before you invest in something that might just be a waste of money, or maybe even harmful to your pet. Third, your pet is like a part of the family so take this short tour of websites with the best interest of your pet in mind.

The more you know about your pet, what pets need, how to keep a pet healthy, and ways to develop a better relationship between you and your pet, the better off you will be when a crisis comes up. Your pet depends on you, and trusts you more than anyone else in the world. Take a look at these resources, bookmark some of the pages, and refer to them often. As you educate yourself, you become a resource for others.

KNOW YOUR PET: A pet has specific needs, an individual personality, and develops a very personal relationship with his owner. Let’s take a look at a website that has just what you need in order to know and understand your pet. Sometime you can find a site that is jammed full of resources for many of your pet needs. Just such a site is, On this site you will find information about bonding with your pet, medical symptoms and what they may indicate, resources for medical advice, and products such as food and supplies you may need for your pet. On this web page you will also discover information about any kind of pet you can imagine.

There are places on the Internet that are more specific about a particular aspect of pet care. If you are looking for a good Vet, searching for information on a medical condition that your pet may have, or shopping for products to make life easier and more fun for you and your pet, the following are some great places to take a look at.

FIND A VET: If you are looking for a local vet, you are a click away from success. These sites are easy to use, and usually only ask for a zip cote. Some might require a login, but most don’t. Here are a couple of easy sites, s/landing,

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