Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 28

Thanks to the internet, there are many available resources through links to websites that answer almost all questions for prospective pet owners or those who already have pets. Whether you’re looking for veterinarian tips or just want to communicate with other pet owners, there is a multitude of websites out there. Here are several to get you started, but there are so many more. Isn’t it exciting to have such a variety of choices?

There are resources for homemade dog food and treats, such as; ets/Recipes/Recipes.htm. Because of the melamine poisoning in manufactured dog food, many dog and cat owners have turned to websites such as this one to learn how to prepare their own delicious pet food safely, along with all the proper nutritionional info needed for their beloved pet to stay healthy and active.

What if you want a dog, but you don’t know which one is right for your family? Maybe you would prefer a full pedigree dog. If so, there are more sites than one can count, but here are three to start: Each one provides a description, characteristics, flaws, temperament and basic care needs of each specific breed of dog. g_breeders/ ogobediencetraining/dogbreeds/ index.php, ERAL/size.html

Oh boy what about traveling with your pet? There’s more to it than just encouraging your dog to lie down on a blanket in the back seat. Maybe you are going to fly to your destination. For your pets safety and well being, trip,http://www.roadandtravel. com/newsworthy/newsandviews04/ petcarseat.htm com/ah-pets-care-health/safe-t ravel-with-pets/index.html

For healthcare, grooming, vitamins, stain and urine removal, and flea and tick sprays, many pet owners turn to holistic methods and may want to visit websites such as this one; default.aspx. This website also provides chews and treats, plus lawn protection and ask a vet.

For those with big dogs, this website sells a six inch tennis ball. Retrievers in particular enjoy tennis balls, but sometimes will swallow one causing the dog to choke to death before he gets help. The six inch ball prevents that, and the dog and owner may continue playing fetch and catch without that fear. -ball-6-inch/?PageNo=2&Sta rtRowIndex=6 Remember that certain breeds of dogs will become addicted to their tennis ball and because of that, they may wear their teeth

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