Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 25

Pet owners have a wealth of information available to them on the Internet, and these pet-oriented sites range from how to choose the right breed of dog or cat for your lifestyle and family, to places where your older or ailing pet can get medications at reduced cost, to chatting with other pet owners, and everything in-between. In this vast sea of information on the Internet, here are 13 sites that every pet owner should know about, sites which are so full of useful information, products, and fun with others of like mind, that pet owners will return to them again and again.


Iams Pet Foods has a very good site that has all types of information for those interested in pets and pet care. Iams is one of the top providers of pet nutrition in the world for every stage of your pet’s life, and their site offers articles on nutrition and behavior, training, and general pet care. They even have a Choose the right dog breed’ quiz that helps you narrow the broad array of dog breeds into what would be best for your household and lifestyle. Also on this site is information on pet insurance and pet adoptions.


This is a great site for a vast array of pet-related information and articles on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and gerbils. You can find anything for your pet at, including product new, pet store, pets for sale, and a pet forum to touch base with other pet owners with questions, comments, and inside information..


This is a great site with specific information on pet illnesses. Alphabetical listings for a large variety of pet illnesses and behavior problems are available, with separate lists for dogs and cats. Expert advice is just a computer stroke away with this handy site.


Nothing changes the tempo of a home like the introduction of a new puppy, and this is a fun site that covers everything you need to know about buying a new puppy into your home, adopting, house training, behavior, basic first aid, insurance, kids and pets, and fun facts. The site also offers supplies, books on dogs and dog training, articles of every kind, even free dog stuff.’ It also has a listing of other top dog sites that you can reference for information not covered on this comprehensive site. Rated Number One Dog Site by


This site has a wealth of information and tips on dog training issues, from “When

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