Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 24

My dog, Jellyroll, is part pit bull, and part daschund. He is loyal, fun loving, and a great companion. He listens well, and always wants to please me. He has seasonal allergies, which give him runny eyes, itchy skin and a rash. His companion, Libby, is a miniature Daschund with a mind of her own. She is very cute and playful, but getting her to obey is a challenge.

I used the Internet to find sites that provide helpful information and home remedies to treat dog allergies. I also discovered the Daschunds are the “good time charleys” of dogs. If it’s not fun, they don’t want to do it.

But finding websites that contained the most relevant information was a challenge. Taking care of my pets is important to me. Because I work away from home all day, I want to spend time playing with my pets. Finding sites that gave me the information I was looking for in one place is a real time savings. These are 14 websites I found helpful and informative.

For the dog lovers:



Both sites are easy to read and navigate. Each site contains information on training, nutrition, day care and best breed selection for the owner. They offer specific information per breed, and tips for dealing with the unique behaviors. There is helpful information on breeders and animal rescue. Newsletters are also available, which keep you up to date on the latest in pet care. And these websites offer social sites where you can upload pictures of your dog, and attend forums and discussion groups.

For cat lovers:


This offers one of the largest cat directories on the Internet. You can find health tips and information, tips on behavior, how to entertain your cat, and even choose a great name. The site offers forums and online training. There are places to show off your cat, and investigate what makes your cat tick.

For horse enthusiasts:


At this site, you can learn about basic care, injuries, diseases, lameness, and nutrition, and how to raise a healthier horse. The site offers adoption services, and features articles on caring for your horse. There are webinars available to learn how to worm your horse, vaccinations, and how to care for skin diseases. And there are How-to videos that show you step by step how to care for your horse.

In addition, the site features the Ryder Report. This is a collection of information on today’s best horses. Featured health articles

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