Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 22

There is a whole new pet lover’s world out there on the Internet. With just a tap of the keys, sites are popping up left and right with new methods and tools and chats, There is everything that will just make you roar. Sit down and give that big noggin a break. Check these sites out. They might just fill your pet lover’s appetite, without all the searching hassle.

Looking for News and Media on Pets?

The Humane Society of the United States

This web site has it all: Articles, Press Room, Pet tips & Care info, and awareness. Not sure what to check out first? Look up the pet type at your home; example type “Ferret “, in the search box located in the top left corner of the main page. A huge list of info and mini web links within the site will pop up. Click on a link for new facts or read stories and documentaries. Even see mini movies of breaking news the HSUS has covered to help our pets.

This website supports federal government legislature to legal actions in state cases for animals of all species.

They’ve even got traveling with your pet articles, how to write your pet into your will. Stuff you wouldn’t think to look for. It’s amazing what’s on the site.

Just want to talk about pets?

The Pet Discussion forum

Their motto: “Discuss your pet and pet care with other pet lovers!”

It’s free to read any of the comments but you must register to make your own. All you need is a valid email address.

This website has about 15 forums, such as “Small Pets” and “Fish Forum”. That can be read and commented in. There is no limit of posts. There is certainly a plethora of discussions to chime in on. The down side is that there is no live chat group. Patience is needed when we wait for replies which could take five minutes to a couple of days or more.

Another fantastic social pet website,

Pet Hobbyist

This website does have live chat rooms. Seek out the right time for everyone to be “Online” For an instant response to questions or comments. They also have Photo Galleries, Videos, News, Clubs and a bookstore. There are also links to other pet lover websites and a general adoption search by state up in the left hand corner.

Looking to train your not so perfect pet?

The Dumb friends League or

Need good advice for free? This link has great materials for training dogs, cats, and small pets. Go to the left side of the screen and hit the “Behavior and Training

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