Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 15

Good news! As a pet owner you’ve just stumbled upon an article that’s going to answer all your pet questions. This article is a summary of some fantastic websites and forums, both informal and professional.

Here are my suggestions from many hours of research on the topic of animal care. Imagine how many hours i’m saving you and your pet. (BBB) = Better Business Bureau.

PET INSURANCE : (BBB registered 01.23.01 rated satisfactory) They offer an exciting website loaded with features and insurance options for your pet. Including but not limited to x-rays, surgery, accidents, cancer, flea control, heart worms, dental, spay / neutering and more. Pet insurance has become an enormous success as pet owners have learned over the years, pet care can be quite expensive. Reasonable monthly rates at can easily pay for itself in only a few visits or one unfortunate turn of events.

JUST ANSWER – PET HEALTH QUESTIONS : (BBB registered 07.19.06 rated satisfactory) This websites promise is to answer all pet related questions. Something that makes this site standout more than others is that they offer professional veterinarians online to answer your questions. An example of their commitment being that it is 2:46a on a Saturday morning and there are 9 pet vets and experts online waiting for your questions. Most questions are answered for a mere $15 plus any tip you care to offer. There are several answers that cost less than $15. Professional answers to your necessary pet questions.

DORANS CANINE COLLEGE – PET TRAINING OPTIONS : (BBB registered 02.15.94 rated satisfactory) This canine college hosts a fantastic program. They are proud that their BBB rating has zero customer complaints to date. Their rates are kept low because they have built a facilities on their home property. Most of their teaching is aimed at canine obedience. Although dogs are their most often requested service, they do provide care and training to other pets.

PETS WELCOME – PET TRAVEL : (BBB non-member at this time) They offer a multitude of pet travel information. From vehicle travels to air travels they have the answers. They keep communication with the travel industry so that they can keep their customers aware of any pet travel policy changes.

HUMAN SOCIETY of the UNITED STATES – CHOOSING A VET & CHOOSING AN ANIMAL BREEDER: – Human Society (BBB non-member at this time) This

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