Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 11

Pet owners use the Internet for everything from health care information and purchasing pet products to just sharing stories and photos with fellow animal lovers. While a simple Internet search can produce thousands of websites, who’s got the time or patience to sift through countless sites hoping to happen upon one that will provide the content you’re looking for? Pet owners don’t despair, here are fourteen websites that will provide all the information you need, and then some.

This site provides a wealth of information, whether you own dogs, cats, small animals or reptiles. Topics including behavior, health and nutrition, medications, disease, safety, surgery and therapies are covered in detail. Browse through the Pet Connection, where pet expert Gina Spadafori shares her wisdom and insight on subjects such as fleas, dental care, first aid, behavioral problems, and much more. Submit a specific question in the “Ask a Vet” section. Veterinarians will address your concern with the most up to date animal health information. Don’t expect an immediate response, it takes time, but within four hours I had my answer. Explore Pet Connection, where you’ll find tips, advice and stories from experts and other pet owners. Although nothing can replace proper veterinary care, this site is a valuable resource for all pet owners.

With over 10 000 articles submitted by over 80 veterinary contributors, this site is a must for every pet owner. Type your topic of interest in the search window and you’ll be provided with several articles to read, covering all aspects of pet care. Do you like to view other’s furry friends? Explore the gallery of photos and videos of cats and dogs. Submit your own, so others can enjoy your beloved companion. Subscribe to the free newsletter to be kept up to date and enjoy pet photos and stories. Dog and cat owners can benefit from free E-courses on training, handling and care. Check out the pet insurance section, where you’ll obtain policy information and free quotes for VPI Pet Insurance. You can even take the opportunity to enroll. Dr. Jon, the site veterinarian is available to answer your pet care questions, although you won’t get a personal response. Ten questions are chosen on a weekly basis, and the answers are published on the site every Tuesday.

A great resource for the seasoned

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