Websites every pet owner should know about – Part 10

All conscientious pet owners want to learn more about their pets: proper care, health needs, training, and proper diets. Of course, owners should do some research before buying or adopting a new pet, but learning more about the animal should be an ongoing process.

Some of the most informative, family-oriented websites are offered by animal rescues and humane societies.

Information sites

The Humane Society of the United States ( ) offers an encyclopedic amount of information for pet owners and animal activists. Major topics include pets (including dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, hamsters and horses), wildlife, farm animals, animals in research, and horses. The HSUS offers advice on how military personnel can make temporary arrangements for their pets left behind, how to care for a pet when you’re ill, and how to choose a boarding kennel. gives valuable tips for animal lovers: What people with pet allergies can do to help themselves, how to avoid dog bites, and what to feed winter birds. The site gives pet care and adoption information, and you can sign up for their newsletter.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals includes sections on pet wellness and pet behavior. Wellness includes touch therapy, pet theft, animal cruelty, anxiety, proper diets and seasonal care. Behavior topics include understanding and managing behavior like nuisance barking and bringing home a new puppy. The site gives expert advice on animal topics and offers a quick search feature. It recommends Bark Busters, an international dog training company with a written lifetime guarantee.

The SPCA has an online store, offers information on pet insurance and shelters, tells you how to save money on vet care and provides a link to the Animal Poison Control Center. It links to other sites for pet supplies, treats, and resources to help pets in times of disaster.

Pet owner chat sites

A pet owner chat site where you can also share pet photos is You can chat in real time one hour weekly for almost any kind of pet. Pet Hobbyist is the home of the original Chat Week Annual Chat Symposium, started nine years ago. Chats have included celebrities, pet authors, researchers, trainers and vets. categories include the expected dogs and cats, but also include chats about reptiles, insects, horses, birds, exotics, and fish.

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