Walking my cat

This is my year old cat, Habibti. I taught her to walk on the leash because we live in the city and I am very protective of her. I wanted her to be able to see the world beyond a window and my small living space. Thank you for watching and I hope this video inspires others to let their own kitties out into the world who otherwise only leave to go to the vet. It takes time getting used to noises and I am only protecting and encouraging her when we walk. I never scold her or drag her and I think this is the only way for a cat to become comfortable. She is not a dog and therefore I don’t think it is possible to train a cat the same way a dog is trained. This is a unique way of getting the cat out of the house and it keeps her very calm and content when we are home. This is a great way to keep a lethargic and lazy cat in shape. Obviously I am an advocate of cat walking… 🙂

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