Virtual Pet Dogs

Ever heard it said that dogs are a mans best friend? Now you can have a virtual best friend by creating a virtual pet dog. There are a wide range of websites and software programs that give you the ability to own and take care of your very own virtual pet dog.

Virtual pet dogs are very similar to real dogs. They bark, they eat, they sleep, the go to the toilet, you can teach them tricks, they get sick, you can even enter them into beauty contests. The only real difference between a virtual dog and a real dog is that a virtual dog only exists within the confines of your own computer. You cannot play real catch with your dog, though you can play virtual catch which is surprisingly quite fun. Unlike real dogs, you dont have to clean up any smelly messes.

A virtual dog is the next best thing to having a real dog. For those who love managing and love taking care of animals a virtual pet dog is the virtual pet. He or she can go anywhere with you, if you have a laptop, and will provide hours of entertainment as you watch your pet grow and mature. You can take your laptop with you on holidays so that you away have your virtual dog with you.

If you are diligent and make your pet extremely healthy, beautiful and if you teach your virtual pet dogs some good virtual tricks then you can enter into dog contests in order to win virtual prize money which you can then spend on your dog to buy him gifts such as chew toys or doggy clothing. However, fail to raise your dog well and you will find you will have to take him to the virtual vet.

A virtual pet dog is the ultimate companion; they have all the features of a real dog minus the smell and the mess. You can have all the enjoyment of having a real pet and never have to buy dog food. The virtual pet dog really is mans virtual best friend.

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