(Veterinarians In Harvard, IL 60033) Dog Dental Care, Dog Wellness Exam, Dog Vaccinations

( www.HarvardVetIL.com ) Full-Service Small & Large Animal Health Care Facility Food Production for large animals (such as sheep, pigs, cows). However, we don’t provide veterinary services for poultry or exotic birds. (Pleasure) large animals such as riding horses, donkeys, and mules. Exotic large animals such alpacas and lamas. Veterinary Dentistry for Cats and Dogs Spay for Cats and Dogs Vaccinations and Examinations for Cats and Dogs Boarding and Grooming for Cats and Dogs Routine Veterinary Surgeries We perform all routine surgeries. This includes spays, neuters, declaws, and ear crops. All procedures are done under sterile surgical conditions in our operating room. We have various forms of anesthesia that are used. All of the animals are given preoperative pain medication and are maintained with intravenous fluids throughout the surgeries. These animals are also given pain medication after the surgeries are completed. The pain control and the humane treatment of the animals (no matter what type of surgery is done) are of primary care and importance to us. Unless you plan to breed you pet, please spay/neuter your pet: Spay/Neuter may may actually improve your pet’s life while giving it better long-term health. Spay/Neuter prevents unwanted additional pets that often are destroyed at shelters. Spay/Neuter prevents certain types of reproductive cancers. Spay/Neuter may reduce the urge to howl like at cat that is in “heat”. Spay/Neuter may reduce the urge to fight or try

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