Using SoftPaws to help prevent cats from destroying furniture – Part 1

There are many side effects of de-clawing, the most important and painful for cats is that they are no longer to properly stretch their shoulder muscles. While they can do some stretching, they are unable to use their claws to grip the carpet, couch, or otherwise grip-able surface to provide the resistance they need to properly flex their shoulder, back, neck and lower back muscles.

This is the exact same problem they will be facing with SoftPaws.

A cat scratching is a remarkable thing to behold. Whether they are vertical or horizontal or diagonal scratchers, they will find something they like, and they will use it to stretch, dig their claws into, and then repeatedly pull against their claws. They are firmly working their muscles by using the grip their claws have on the material as resistance to apply force against. This prevents the muscles from seizing or becoming stiff with lack of use.

When you apply SoftPaws, you are, like de-clawing, removing your feline’s ability to grip the material with their claws so they can use their muscles against that resistance. This means they are unable to stretch and work their muscles properly. Not only that, but they are unable to grip the material so they are able to stretch out their backs properly.

This can cause some serious problems in later life, especially as your cat becomes arthritic (and a lot of cats do) or just older and less active in general. They are more prone to pulling or ripping the muscles involved, and the muscles around the poorly-stretched ones will have difficulties as well.

The best way to prevent your cat from shredding your couch, chair, bed, wall, books or carpet is simply to train them onto something else. If your cat likes horizontal scratching, buy a square of luxuriously hooked carpet and spray catnip all over it, then train your cat off your good carpet. If your cat likes vertical scratching, buy them a decent sized scratching post. You can get a multi-tiered scratching post for about $200, and that will save you thousands on re-upholstering your couch! If your cat likes diagonal scratching, make something! It takes a little more effort on your part and the results are much better for your feline friend.

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