Two Important Things to Remember in Training Dogs

The concept of teaching your dog pet is very appealing and tempting to do. The reason why it is appealing is because it is so much fun to watch dogs that follows orders and/or requests. When dogs know how to do things, it somewhat reflects our way of doing things. It may just sound so easy for neophytes but believe me there is no easy path to follow when you decide to train your dogs.

It always comes into two essential parts. One is to treat them fairly well when they try to be nice or pleasing to you. Dogs are always trying to be pleasing especially to their owners. It delights them to see they are being noticed and being smiled at. Once they get that kind of pleasure, they won’t stop doing that because they would know that you like it. Dogs are perfect example of repaying what they owe. They never stop until they repaid the good deeds someone has done.

The second part is the one that is harder to do which is the training proper. Training entails a lot of effort and patience. This is because they do not have brains that understand like humans. Well even human, they do not understand some concept let alone the dogs. However, dogs are pretty easy to train especially if you know what you are really doing. To start with you need a line or something that you could attach to the collar of the dog about 15 feet long. When you already have this then you are ready for the training session. Take him out into your lawn and begin teaching.

Now that you have attached a line, it will be easier to control your pet because of the enough space that you have made between them. This will also prevent your dog to go beyond your area of responsibility which means that you can limit your dog until they have learned the proper way and they have accomplished their training. When the line has already maxed out, simply call your pet nicely.

By calling them, you are training them to respond directly to your call. In doing so, you will need some treats for him each time he comes back to you. Sometimes during the first phase of the training, your dog can become reluctant and may not respond to your call or worst he refuses to conform to your teaching. They all undergo the same stage unless of course the dog has already been with you for a long time. However, even then some dogs have their own ways of doing things and you just have to learn to accept that they need to fall under your jurisdiction.

You need to always remember that dogs need to be at ease. They do not want to feel threatened or being abused. No man in his right mind would want to be threatened and abused; the same is true with dogs. To genuinely teach the dogs, you need to first be in control but be nice.

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