Turtles as pets: Care and concerns – Part 9

Turtles. further touch.

We can see turtles in many places and in many styles.a world of growing wonder. It is about natural path and how they can survive according to their behavior.

A world in which whatever a problem occurs ways to depart it can be see as a touch to what love and affection to animals is.

Oh….creation around,

how chromatics entering serenity,

feelings in shape.

I remember long ago when we where four in the family and preparing for a trip. The place had been ten far away from our house.

We have been search for a spot with turtles around.. and taking our time to have some pictures of them and my brother drawing it on special canvas. The view taken us deep on the beauty of the nature.how every species have the own world, a proper living with what around nature is giving. It shows that a higher level of life and understanding can avoid the bad or worst aspects. And.you knows it when face the situation in all aspects.

For my family and for each one the days were deeply embraces in the memory. It remembers us that day by day, we are with and into the nature. It worth for the moments of our lives and further.. Also making steps forwardevery moment shows that we are and will be in connection with the beauty and variety.

Beyond compare….

entering love for creation,

feelings in shape.

From that trip, even today my brother has links in his site about peoples that care and wondering for a good animal life.

I take a course in animal behavior and in spare time writing some articles about the trip I make and others aspects that surrounded us.

In practice an ecological tourism is genuinely on many more side. The real challenge is not over, already it starts. It is a real challenge for devoted tourists and constant hobby.

Deeply views about turtle world can be found with search option or on E-bay to view all the books that spells something you don’t know.


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