Turtles as pets: Care and concerns – Part 5

Urdle carefully crawls through the grass, his red orange arms shining out of the grass as he slowly creeps along. His neck quickly archs and jerks down, his paw pins half the body of the worm while he greedily takes a bite from the other half and then stretches his long neck along with the innocent worm who made the mistake of surfacing. I sit watching the scene unfold and my little sisters place words in front of Urdle, he eats his feel and then walks to the fence and begins circling around the yard.

Many are not fascinated by turtles, they find them boring and claim they dont move, these people have never watched a turtle. Ive spent many summer days lying out in the grass reading as my turtle wanders and hunts his food, happy to be free and roaming. Its true when you set a turtle down theyll stay put, unless of course you sit back and dont move, then theyll slowly peak out there heads making sure its safe before they make a quick escape hoping for freedom and if your eyes wander along to many pages of your book youll spend quite some time looking for that sneaky turtle.

So to all those out there considering a turtle, i want you to first consider the turtles care. Only then can you truly appreciate this exquisite and intertaining reptile. I wanted a turtle as a little kid, I think I was 10. My dad finally brought home a brown box for me and in it was my first turtle, the beginning of my obsession. I came home one day to find another turtle in his cage, he had died because of the heat from his heat lamp, I was devastated and miss Speedy to this day. I had a new turtle, but it just wasnt the same, but I came to love him as well. I came home one day to find my little sisters had taken him outside, I never saw him again. So after he was lost it was many years till I bought another turtle.

At 13 I saved up $100 for my turtle all on my own and bought him, Urdle. A week or two later his eyes were swollen shut and puffed over, I bought turtle eyedrops and they improved, but the pet store person (not where I got the turtle from) saw the turtle, who I had broughten with and said he was underweight. (A few weeks ago I was told he was healthy from the pet store person I purchased him from, he wasnt) I took him to the vet and fought back tears as i was told he was underweight, malnurished, and had very little chance of living, I was pretty much told he would die.

The vet showed me how to give him vitamin injections and left me with 5 syringes and having to

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