Turtles as pets: Care and concerns – Part 14

I had a box turtle once, few years ago that i had gotten for one of my birthday’s, and he was a great pet to have. At first I had him in the house, and I looked up some information on the Internet on what he would like to eat, and found that they are also very easy and cheap to feed and keep alive. You can feed them all kinds of fruit, like watermelon, strawberries, grapes, chopped apples, you can feed them romaine lettuces, carrots, celery, all kinds of stuff. So i had him in the house for awhile, and i just let him roam around wherever he wanted, because i just thought that any aquarium would be too small and that he should be able to travel longer distances. So after having him inside for a little bit, i realized it was too nasty and messy to have him free inside running around and leaving his droppings on the carpet, so i decided to try putting him outside. This was a great idea, and the best thing to do i found because he walked around the yard and found places to hide and to sleep at, one place was in an ivy bush, and the other was under the steps by the gate to the fence. So he lived out there for at least 2 years, and most of the time he ate a lot of the plants outside, some of the plants and tomatoes that my mother had planted, and he dug himself a hole in the dirt under the steps and slept during the winter, and survived. So i was happy for my turtle and that i had decided to let him live in the backyard, and i didn’t think that he would be going anywhere, because our backyard was kind of small and there didn’t seem to be any holes he could escape out of in the fence. But then i left and moved somewhere else for a couple years, and left him with my mom and step father, and when i came back he was gone! My turtle had actually ran away! My mom and step dad told me he must have dug himself out, and they looked for him, but couldn’t find him. I still think it is funny to say my turtle ran away, they may not be very fast, but they are very sneaky!

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