Turtles as pets: Care and concerns – Part 13

I got my first turtle about 5 years ago. I was driving down a side street when I saw this thing coming out of an alley. I had no idea what it was but I stopped for it. Now I live very close to the city of Chicago, so to see a turtle cross the street is not an every day event. I stopped to see what was walking out of the alley and it was a turtle. I had never had a turtle before, so I didn’t know what kind it was, nor did I know what to do with it; but I certainly couldn’t leave it there. I brought the turtle into the car with me and placed it on the passenger seat. Well I guess I scared it and it pooped. I didn’t want it to continue to make a mess, so I grabbed the closest thing I could find, a French fry container and placed the turtles butt in the container kinda like a diaper.

I took the turtle to a pet store to see if anyone could tell me what kind of turtle it was. Turns out someone there actually knew something about turtles. What I had was not a turtle it was a tortoise. A Russian tortoise to be exact. I brought my new animal home, went online and found out what I needed to do to step up this new guys home. I got an aquarium, setup a water dish/pool for him and made him some lunch.

I’ve read a lot about tortoises over the years, I would have never guessed that they like baths, and that they’re vegetarians. They need heat lamps and light during the day. Tortoises really are a cool pet to have, they’re friendly and recognize their owners over time. They’re low maintenance and interesting to watch. Turtles are now one of my favorite animals.

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