True dog hero stories – Part 1

“Gizmo the Super Dog”

Gizmo was my family’s pet dog. A Lhasa Apso by breed but a younger sibling to me and my brother. Named after the main character from Gremlins the Movie, gizmo had brown and white patches all over her body and was the sweetest little pooch I knew. My parents would take me and my brother and gizmo camping on a regular basis. So gizmo was comfortable in the outdoors. It was a camping trip with our family staying in the desert when gizmo saved my brothers life.

We had just awoke after our first night of camping. My little brother David , 4 years old at the time, ran off towards the waterway with gizmo scurrying behind. she used to follow my missile of a brother all over the place. My little brother was and is notorious for getting into trouble and so my dad decided to keep him on the ground with a job. He was to carry a rope to throw into the waterwayin case anyone should have an accident. My Dad was getting our families ATC’s ready to head out. Mom was getting breakfast ready. I was hiding from having to help either one of them. Or maybe my parents were just enjoying not having either one of us in their hair. I was 8 and David was 4. So I’m just playing with my toys when gizmo comes running back to the camp barking like I had never heard her bark before.

I ran towards her and as I did she ran away from me, still barking, and looking back over her shoulder. I followed her for about 150 yards to the edge of the waterway. There in the middle of the Waterway was my brother, holding up the rope and yelling. “I got the rope! I got the rope!” I ran back to get my Dad. Gizmo jumped in the water and was trying to push my brother to the side. My dad and i ran back. once my dad saw David in the water he jumped in and swam my brother, with gizmo helping, to the side and out of the current. Gizmo was a hero that day and we loved her all the more for it. She was a true friend and was loved by all of us.

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