True dog hero stories

My Dog is a Hero

Back when my daughter was little and still wearing diapers

just learning to walk. I was back and forth running in the

house and outside in the yard working, while my husband was

also outside fiddling around with something, he was supposed

to be keeping an eye out for our little girl.

I ran inside and was washing a few dishes, while watching

out window at them all, my husband fiddling with something but

watching our daughter, and my daughter sitting on a blanket on

the grass in the front yard, playing with some toys and our pet dog.

To this day I cannot tell you what kind of dog she was, my daddy and

my ole’ grandpa always had something to say about her breed, my daddy

always said she was a Heinz 57, and my ole’ grandpa always called her

a sooner. When I asked him what he meant by that he would explain to

me, well she was sooner this, that or the other thing.

Well as I was washing a few dishes I looked up again to see my

daughter had gotten up off of the blanket and was toddling over

towards the street and I happen to see that my husband being the one

tract mind that he always was not being much of at multitasking, wasn’t

paying attention to her.

I gasped and ran toward the yard, as I got to the yard, there she

was our old mutt she had grabbed our daughter by the seat of her diaper

and pulled her back into the yard.

Needless to say my little girl came back into the house with me, and I

reprimanded my husband telling him that the dog was a better babysitter

than he.

We had several dogs during the time that our daughter was growing up and

she was one of the favorites. We had another one an old German Sheppard

that simply adored our little girl, he would mind her every word, and

let her pull on his ears and yank them and everything else never snipping,

snapping or anything just loved her.

I am thankful to each and everyone of them for all of the fond memories.

I think that every child should grow up with pets, and I would have to say

that I am partial to dogs, more than cats or any other pet.

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