Training your dog yourself – Part 4

A trained dog is a happy dog. There is less potential for disaster and a reduced risk their behavior will find them sitting in hot water under their masters scornful glare. But time among other essential necessities is required, and patience is a virtue. The final product however will leave you feeling proud, others a little envious, and the bond between you and your dog solid.

Start out this daunting task by creating a list of must haves in any well behaved dog. This can include, but is not limited to:





A schedule is a must have for any dog trainer because a dog’s best friend, other than yourself, is consistancy. A puppy cannot and will not understand the concept of “Five more minutes” when their poor and tiny doggie bladder is full. And while they also have unbelieveable love and adoration for their owner they will appreciate you all the more if you keep up on the walks. This not only strengthens a bond but adds innumerable benefits during the training process, such as:

1. BATHROOM BREAKS which will eventually smooth over into a well timed out schedule. Four or so times a day, depending on the breed’s size. In the beginning, especially during puppyhood a dog will need plenty of outside time. Not only are their bladders small but they are also uncontrollable. Eventually, with persistant, your dog will know how to hold their business if they have set times for outdoor time.

2. SOCIALIZATION will ease any aggression your dog has or could form. Even the most notable of aggressive breeds (i.e Bulldog, pitbull) can walk in the park next to strangers if properly introduced to said environment in their puppyhood.

3. BONDING with your dog is key. Not only will you find yourself with a new best friend but a best friend that doesn’t talk back, listens attentively and is always there for you when you’re feeling down. A bond between owner and dog is a huge part of the training process. If your dog loves and respects you they will listen, but respect has to be earned and it’s a two way street.

4. LEASH TRAINING is a must have for any owner. Not only will your shoulder joints thank you but also your puppy’s safety will not be in jeopardy. Some collars and leashes can cause injury, especially if there is a constant tug of war between man and beast. Be careful about force, and use firm words instead of constant jarring actions. (Such as repeatedly pulling back, yanking, etc.)

There are a variety of ways to train dogs and a huge array of techniques that won’t come to you specifically through books. It takes firsthand experience above all else. But with a lot of love, patience, consistancy and time you will find your dog happy and content.

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