Training your dog yourself – Part 1

It doesn’t matter if you take private obedience lessons or join an obedience class. Ultimately, you are responsible for training your dog yourself.

A trained dog is one who responds to direction by you and behaves in an expected manner to that direction. An example would be the behavior known as “sit”. You can use a voice command to direct the dog or a hand signal. The expected result is the same.

So, how do you go about training your dog yourself? First, get educated about dog training. I mentioned getting instruction either privately or through a class. This is a good place to begin especially, if you have never trained a dog. A good instructor trains you to train your dog.

In my experience, dog owners who achieve the desired results after working with their dog, get bitten with “training fever”. Some may just want a variety of ways to interact with their dog while others get involved in various competitive dog sports. Either way, the more the dog owner learns about dog training and dog behavior, the more they want to know and the more things they want to try.

I can only guess what this looks like from a dog’s point of view. I suppose if dogs could give voice to their thoughts, it might sound like “At last! Finally, these two footed canines understand me!” Ultimately, whatever segment of dog training you pursue with your dog, there is tremendous satisfaction through understanding your dog’s behavior and being able to take that understanding to achieve a well trained dog.

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