Training your cat to enjoy a bath – Part 9

As with most of us, human beings in general, we tend to not like something unless we are accustomed to it since young or after prolonged periods of being around it. It is easy of course to get a cat accustomed to a bath when you start with the pet as a kitten but what about adult cats? Adult cats are more fickle, easily irritated by the very idea that you would place it in a water but eventually they will grow to accustom themselves to stop clawing your face during bath time and patiently wait for the delicious reward that comes right after the bath.

Yes, cats are fickle mercenaries, they expect something grand in return for doing something for you and rewards are a good way. Get a special treat for your cat, something that you would give only and ONLY after a bath that your cat cannot get after dinner or anything else. It could be catnip, or a nice generous chunk of salmon that could make your cat fat if it eats too much but hey…a little junk food would not hurt much right…..? Besides, it is meant for after a bath which can be a once a week thing. This gives your cat something to look forward to, a rare treat that comes only after that wretched bath.

Have the bath in a sink, easier for you and your cat or a shallow basin and make sure the water is luke-warm so your cat would not go into a hissy fit at you for giving her a cold bath. If anything, let your cat play around in a very cold place before taking her to a warm bath so it would work up her appetite as well. Soak the cat’s hind legs with warm water first, keep talking in a soft voice and stroke the cat’s fur to calm the cat before you dip her front legs finally into the water. Wear a helmet or something to protect your face, I kid you not, this is an adult cat and not some kitten so there is a likely chance that if those teeth do not come to you, the splashing soap water would. Use your hand to slowly soak the body fur or a shower set to lukewarm and be careful to avoid the eyes and ears.

Towel, make sure it is the thick kind so it would keep your cat nice and warm while it curls up inside and sulks after you finish bathing her. If you do not have a thick towel, you can always set a thin towel near a radiator or somewhere that will give some temporary extra warmth for the towel. While your cat schemes to get back at you as she is bundled up inside the towel with her wet fur, use the time to cuddle up with her and sharing more body warmth to keep her from freezing. Light brushing helps to speed up the drying or a low power blow dryer, keep in mind that if you are using a noisy blow dryer, you might want to get your cat used to it first before taking her for a bath.

Finally when your cat is clean and dry, all that running around earlier and the bath would probably make your cat hungry by now so you can finally let her have those generous juicy treats that only comes right after the bath. Oh, you can remove that helmet now.

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