Training your cat to enjoy a bath – Part 5

Training a cat to enjoy a bath may seem like a difficult task, but that is not necessarily true. Cats are stereotyped as water haters, but that is only rumor. Cats, being decendants from desert dwellers, do not need much water for survival. In fact, giving your cat a bath is not always recommended. But if your cat lives outdoors, she may become dirty. If your cats coat is contaminated with a poisonous or dangerous substance, do not attempt to bath her on your own. But in normal cases, your cat may just need a good scrub. So do not fret, cats can easily come to look forward too and enjoy their baths.

The first thing you should do, is accustom your cat to the sound of water. Associate pleasant things with the sound. You may want to feed her in the bathroom while the faucet is running. Give her favorite treat while you are in the tub. Once this common link with water and pleasure has been established, proceed to the next step, getting her to touch water.

Cats, being naturally playful creatures, sometimes enjoy playing with water. When you are taking a bath, splash the water, and invite her to join you. You may wish to put her favorite toy in the water. Do NOT force her to come in, no matter what. If she decides to give the water a chance, even if she merely dips a single claw in, praise her profoundly. Eventually, she will become more comfortable touching, and playing with water. It is now when you should introduce the bath.

The first thing to do i invite her to come into the bathroom with you, and fill up the tub. If she is in the mood, she will go right to playing in it. If she is not in the mood, let her go, and try later. Step into the tub with her. Offer her a treat, and begin petting and scratching her in her favorite spots. Put a small bit of tearless kitten shampoo on your finger tips and continue to rub her, while getting the shampoo all over her.

Now to rinse her off, take a warm washcloth, and stroke her with it. If she unsure about it, forget it, and try later. Do not worry about her licking off the shampoo, kitten shampoo is not toxic. If she allows you to, continue to rub her until she is completely clean. Your cat has now had her first bath. She will now probably go over to a nice warm spot and groom herself.

Keep in mind, some cats do not like water, and the process of getting her to enjoy a bath may take long. Do not push her, or she will never learn to like water. For cats like this, patience is of utmost importance. But remember, as long as you take it slow and easy, bath time will be a pleasurable experience for both you and your cat.

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