Training your cat is possible! – Part 9

Doesn’t it seem like cats train us to do whatever they want? If they want to be scratched behind the ears, they rub up against us and purr loudly to get us to do their bidding. Most of the time, it seems that cats have us in right where they want us-held firmly in that little paw. But, in reality cats are very intelligent, highly trainable animals.

Considering that cats are very smart critters, they are easily trained. Start training a cat when it is a kitten. When training a cat, start with small tasks and work your way up to doing the more difficult ones. You have to get your cat used to the idea of being trained in the first place. Tell her what you want her to do, and when she does it, reward her with a piece of dry cat food. You must reward your highly intelligent kitten with food and praise so that she wants to do what she was told. Positive reinforcement is a wonderful way to let your cat know that she not only doing the right thing, but also that she has done a great job.

Even an older cat can be trained to do certain things; it just takes a little more coaxing on your part and some patience. A kitten can be trained to do many things such as going for walks on a leash outside, to fetching a ball that is thrown, to going to the bathroom in a litter box in a certain room of the house. There are documented cases of cats going to the bathroom on a toilet designed for people.

Cats will be trained to do certain tricks, but the trick has to be in line with what a cat does naturally, such as climbing and fetching a ball. Cats love to run and pounce on moving objects such as mice and birds. Teach a cat to run after a ball and bring it back to you. Most cats will come to a person when called by their name, because they are smart enough to recognize their own name. And a cat will come running home from outside or anywhere in the house in response to a noise signaling dinnertime, such as tapping a bowl.

Cats are very independent animals, and while acting aloof, they love to be praised for their efforts of performing high fetes of daring. They are highly trainable and actually love to perform. Look for a cat with a fun, daring personality and you will have the pick of the litter.

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