Training your cat is possible! – Part 7

When I had my first couple of cats I thought man there is no way of ever training these cats and there is nothing I could do. I’m a lover of cats and I love having cats more than anything, but for the first 2 cats that I got, I couldn’t deal with their behaviors so I had to let them go. I felt so sad that I let them go, because once again, I love cats and I figured there had to be a way of training a cat. So now I received, a new cat in hopes of not sending this cat off to another cat loving family.

So if you are thinking like me and you love cats and you want to have cats, but can’t think of a way of training a cat.

First thing, more than ever when you begin to train a cat, you should have patience, because a cat is not going to learn the things that you want them to do right away. Its going to take some time. Cats are smart, but I have learned with my cat that she likes to test me sometimes to let me know if I will let her get away with it. Like one time, when she was real little, I’d never allow her to go on the floor. So she knew that every time when she was in the family room, that her place was on the sofa. There would be some times though that she would jump on the floor and she would look over at me and see if I was watching. I would go over scoop her up and put her back where she belonged.

Secondly, you have to be repetious with how you train your cat. You can’t train them one way for a couple of days and then change the way of how you train them the next. You can’t tell them one thing that no they can’t do that and then the next day you allow them to do that. Because then, your cat will become confused of what they can and cannot do.

Next, I have watched the dog whisperer now and then and I have learned at least one thing that has definitely worked with my cat. You have to let them know that you are the leader of the pack. You have to act like the leader of the pack and don’t let them have your way with you. Because if you let them even have a strand of their own way then you have lost your title as the leader of the pack and now your cat has taken over that role as leader of the pack. In my house I am the leader of the pack and my cat knows that she won’t be able to get away with anything while I am around. When my husband is around she gets away with alot. I am trying to teach him that he needs to be the leader of the pack.

If your cat bites and scratches and you want to know why your cat i doing this. This is something that I have learned, how do you play with your cat. Do you play with them with your hands or do you play with them with toys. Before I used to play with my cat with my hands and that is what caused the biting. This is something that I have noticed. So what I have done is instead, I would grab a toy and play that with her instead of my hands and that normally works. The thing is, when you have your hands and you are moving about, your cat thinks that you are playing with them because your hand is moving so they will swipe at it or scratch it. Just switch it up and then your cat will understand that they are only to play with toys and not human hands. If you don’t play with your hands with your cat then there might be another reason for them just biting them. The best thing to do is just tap them lightly on the sde of the mouth and don’t give them any more attention. This will normally work, especially if you are paying so much attention to them.

Training a cat can be easy, you just need the time and the patience.

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