Training your cat is possible! – Part 6

Training your cat is not only possible, but also easy. While you might scoff at the idea, many cat owners have successfully trained their cats to do a multitude of different things that many avid cat lovers would say are impossible. If you can train a cat to use a litter box, you can train them to do just about anything.


Your cat can play fetch. Believe it or not, many cats have retrieving skills that are superior to a dog’s. You might not use things like bones or chew toys as training tools, but it can be a lot of fun to teach your kitty how to play fetch with something like a hair band or a string dipped in catnip. Simply tossing the item, then watching your pounce on your string and encouraging them to bring it back will turn your cat into a Labrador retriever. This is one of the easiest tricks to teach your cat.

Go for a walk

Absurd? Not really. You can train your cat to go on a walk with you either on or off leash. While most cats exhibit more independence than your average dog, they are also extremely intelligent, and will enjoy going for a leisurely stroll. Keeping some kitty treats in your pocket will help keep your cat on task and keep them from wandering off to chase birds or engage in other cat fancies.

Start your cat on a leash first, and as they learn the normal routine of walking time, you will gradually trust them to stay by your side as you go for a walk. Keep it a leisurely and quick stroll, as it’s important to remember your cat needs her beauty rest, and doesn’t feel it necessary to overly exert herself.

Toilet training

While this particular activity can be a little lengthier when it comes to training time, it’s possible, probable and will save you a bundle on litter. Cats by nature are very clean and fastidious animals. Most cats don’t like to use a dirt litter box, and who can blame them? Humans don’t like dirty facilities either. Toilet training your feline can eliminate this hassle altogether.

By gradually moving your cat’s litter pan into the bathroom, and eventually into the toilet itself will retrain your cat on restroom procedures. It does take a gradual process of about two weeks and a few minor modifications to creating steps up to your commode for your four-legged friend, but the result can be well worth the method. Just don’t forget to knock the next time you need to use the bathroom!

Cats are extremely intelligent animals, which is probably why they have successfully duped their owners into believing that they can’t be trained. However, engaging your cat in simple training can create an engaging feline that even naysayers will know and love.

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