Training your cat is possible! – Part 4

When buying a cat there might be a few things you might want to consider like

the mess.

Cats are a lot messy than dogs especially with the litter tray

not ever one wants the dirty job scooping up pooh

as specially if you haven’t got a good stomach.

Then the horrible fleas and scratched skin from their sharp claws as you’ve tried to grab it to put a flea

collar on it.

Cats are so mischief in so many ways that it will have you runninitg around tidy up for days

especially if its a kitten.

Then the cat flap it can send in so many other unwanted guest like more cats for example.

And the return of rats, mice, birds after the days hunting which is the last thing you want to see and find on a new carpet.

Also the horrible fur balls out their mouth.

There not like children and you cant sit them down and expect them to speak back to you.

No you have to have a lot of patience training cats as it won’t be done in five minutes as you expect to.

There will be shown how to do things like placing them into the litter tray in a nice manner and there will have stay were there

put at night like a basket and maybe left in basket in the kitchen listening to its noise maybe night after night

till either you give in to it or it get use to it.

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