Training your cat is possible! – Part 23

Did you know that training your cat is possible? If you have never considered this then perhaps now is the time to challenge any preconceptions that you have about cat training and try teaching your furry pal some useful and fun tricks.

A great first step in training is to teach her to sit. This will be impressive and can stop her from ambushing you as you prepare her food. Place a treat for her in your hand. Then show her what you are holding and walk along to where you want her to sit as she follows you. When at your desired location make sure that she is waiting expectantly before you while clearly issuing the command ‘sit’.

Next, hold a treat above her head. As she looks up at your hand move it slightly closer to her face and back behind her view. This should cause her to sit as she also lifts her head back to see your hand that’s holding her treat. As soon as she sits give her the treat and verbally praise her, telling her what a clever girl she is.

A stage further on from this is to teach her how to stand on her hind legs to beg. This is done by repeating the actions you performed before, but this time, after asking her to sit and giving her a treat make it clear that you have another treat in your hand too. Repeat the action of holding the treat above, and to the back of her head and command her to beg. She will reach up toward your hand, attempting to grab the treat when it isn’t forthcoming. Then raise your hand slightly causing her to also raise herself up. She will then be sat like a bear with her paws in the air in begging position. Don’t forget to give her her well earned treat!

Another trick to teach your cat for fun is how to eat her dinner with her paw like the cats in the advertisements. This is done by placing her food on an upside-down bowl. As she attempts to eat her food some will automatically fall off of the roundness of the upturned bowl, causing her to experiment with new ways of retrieving her chow. Once she has eaten with her paw she wont forget it and will repeat the experience again.

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