Training your cat is possible! – Part 11

Is it possible to train a cat, or is the cat really just training you? Is the cat really trained to use the sandbox instead of the potted plant or has it actually trained you to provide a clean, proper place so it doesn’t kill the Ficus? This is a point to ponder. If training a cat was not possible, how do they get them to perform in the movies?

This does tell you that getting a cat to do what you want is possible, whether by training or persuasion doesn’t really matter. It is working with the animal to get the desired result that is important, this is the secret trainers have used the world over. All animals want food, companions and a place to feel safe.

Cats are easy to train, just like all animals, by modifying their natural inclinations to get the behaviour desired. You can’t teach a cat to bark (those are dogs!), but you can teach it to swim by feeding it fish and then showing it that to get fish, it has to get wet (This is not always the best idea if there are Koi Carp ponds around). Easier to teach than swimming but using the same technique, rewarding good behaviour, a cat can be taught to come when called, fetch small objects and even beg. Some cats act just like dogs!

Cat Training is fun, exciting, and enjoyable, but needs to be adapted to the cat. Most felines won’t fetch a ball, but try a small toy mouse or crumpled paper. Our cats dump them in your lap, clutter up the chairs and even put them on the computer keyboard. This brings us back to the first question. Have they been trained or are they training me?

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