Training your cat is possible! – Part 10

So is training your cat possible? Yes it is! All animals need to be trained. All animals need training.

#1:Abusing your cat when it is not doing something right is wrong.

It takes time to train a kitten. I actually just got a kitten a few days ago. It is black and white. It is the cutest cat I’ve ever had.

#2:I had to litter train it.

All you have to do is keep putting the cat in the room with the the litter box and try to get it to learn to go to the bathroom in it.

#3: Also, cats are a hyper animal but only because people spoil them so much with treats.

My cat knows tricks like it spins around in a circle if I say spin munchkin! It is so cute. When the kitten is spoiled it will start to

do whatever it will want and not care and it could damage things by scratching them or biting. My cat is well trained and behaved.

It is possible to train your cat or kitten.

#4:If you do not train your cat well it is going to be a aggressive cat and you will not be happy with the actions the cat does. It

will not like people and you might have to get rid of it if it is acting bad. If you just train your kitten right you will not have to

worry about these things.

For example; not using the litter box to go to the bathroom. Its attitude and behavior will be bad.

#5:The training an animal needs is from a loving family that will love and care for it and train the cat to be the best cat it could

ever be.

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