Training Dogs Without Having To Touch Them

It sounds crazy I know. But believe it or not, there really is a way to train dogs without touching them. And it’s been getting great results for years now!

This new type of dog training method is actually a very old technique that dolphin trainers used to train dolphins in the open water, and then transitioned those techniques over to training dogs. And that’s why it works so well… because it was developed as a way to train an animal to follow commands at a distance, and with the complete ability to choose to NOT obey… even swim off into the vast ocean if it wanted.

When you think about it, it’s actually pretty amazing to think that you can get any animal in a vast open space and control it’s every movement… without ever touching the animal!

When I first started preaching this technique to my own dog training clients, at first mention they think I’m strapping an electronic dog collar to my dog’s neck and zapping them with a remote trigger when they do something wrong.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

The way I see it is dog’s are probably one of natures most loyal creatures to man. They are ever eager to spend every waking moment with us (sometimes every sleeping moment too) and it just seems silly to me to rely on hurting my dog to train it, when he’s probably 10 times more likely to obey me if he could just understand what I wanted him to do.

And that’s what science is starting to prove… that negative punishment, like hitting or yelling at a dog and grinding it’s face in it’s feces when it accidentally eliminates on your favorite rug, is not as effective, long term, when compared to a more rewarding gentler training techniques.

The problem is that the dog simply doesn’t understand exactly what you want from him… and if people would spend more time focusing on teaching their dog’s to understand commands more thoroughly, they wouldn’t be nearly as frustrated.

That’s why I believe in teaching your dog using ‘thinking exercises’. This type of behavior training is also known as shaping, but I think ‘thinking exercises’ is much more descriptive and telling of what you’re actually training.

During a thinking exercise you give your dog a task to do… such as laying on its matt or bed. Preferably this is an exercise that the dog has never done before and we can use a new style of training method to convince your dog that we want him to lay on the mat… but in a different sort of way.

Because we won’t be telling the dog to do anything at all. Instead we simply observe the dog, and reward him with little bits of food anytime he ‘happens’ to get closer to the matt on his own free will… and without us luring him with food. It’s actually best if you keep the food hidden during this exercise unless quickly tossing the dog a treat for getting closer to the matt.

At first your dog will have no idea why you are tossing him a treat, but after about 5 minutes he figures out that every time he walks closer to the mat he gets a treat. And if continued you can use this training method to convince the dog to lay quietly on it’s mat without ever doing a thing but tossing out treats when he guts close.

This type of exercise trains the dog to figure out the solution in his own head. It trains him to think!And if you do enough of these types of exercises your dog will start to look for the end solution in everything you train him to do.

This makes training a dog much easier, as now both you and your dog are both working as hard as you can to figure out what you want the dog to do, and training results are dramatically quicker. Dog’s learn to stop pulling on leashes faster, to stop barking at strangers, stop peeing in the house etc. Because they realize a happier more pleasant reward can be found be seeking out a solution that results in a yummy treat.

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