Training Dogs to be Obedient

Ah yes, dog obedience training . All the while you thought, when the children were old enough, that you were free of teaching the young ones. Then you went out and got a dog. And then you learn, to your horror, that the furry little bundle of joy that crashed into the TV set, chewed up your slippers and destroyed your neighbors prized orchids needs to be trained. Otherwise, Fido could turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Dog obedience training is basically communicating with the dog in such a way that he understands what the master wants him to do. But this is easier said than done. Dog obedience training entails a lot of patience and commitment. It is communicating to the animal and teaching them what is right and wrong. The most essential ability required in dog obedience training is to have effective communication between you and the dog. In having effective communication with your dog the trainer or handler can now make the dog obey commands like “sit”, “come”, “stay” or “heel”.

There are a lot of reasons why we want obedience training for our dogs. One of the main reasons is for the dog’s own welfare. We would want our dog to act accordingly when we are out with our dog and surrounded by a lot of people and other dogs as well. This scenario could present some curiosity and, sometimes, stress for an unaccustomed or untrained dog. By simply giving the proper commands we can prevent our dog from biting someone or simply running away when frightened. Dog obedience training will give you an obedient dog that is going to be able to interact with people and other dogs minus the usual dog problems.

Before starting dog obedience training it is always helpful to look at the qualities of the dog that we can relate to. Dogs are pack animals that, like humans, thrive as part of a group. And as such, they look to their pack leader to tell them what to do. So in a sense you, the trainer/owner, are the leader of the pack. And so must establish early on that we are the dominant animal in the relationship. Misunderstanding this concept could lead to a lot of dog behavior problems.

For dog obedience training there are two popular and effective styles that you can use: the collar/leash method and the reward method. The reward method is not as intense as the collar/leash method. The reward method is a motivating style as it rewards the dog after it was encouraged and has done some of the commands. While the collar/leash method is a corrective method that gives your dog some discomfort for an improper action that was done; like pulling at the leash or jumping on a stranger.

The collar/leash and treats, which are used as rewards, are also the tools used to help in dog obedience training. There are numerous kinds of collars that can be used; some examples are the choke collar and electronic collar. The same is true with treats. There are numerous treats that you can purchase or make yourself to choose from.

There are also some basic commands used in dog obedience training. These are:

• Heel

• Sit

• Stay

• Down

• No

These basic commands must be mastered by your dog to be considered truly trained. Another thing to remember in training your dog is to keep it consistent and to make it fun for your dog.

Giving dog obedience training to your dog will make your dog a better and fun family companion in your household, more so in homes with small children. It also helps in cutting down incidents of dog bites and dog behavior problems encountered by dog owners. Dog obedience training gives the owner more than just an obedient and willing pet. Training your dog the correct way will further strengthen the bond between the dog and his master. Now that, is really man’s best friend.

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